We help teens get the skills they need to be confident behind the wheel.

At 10 And 2 Driving Academy, we specialize in empowering the next generation of drivers through our dedicated teen private driving lessons. Tailored specifically for teenagers, our program focuses on building a strong foundation of driving skills, safety knowledge, and confidence behind the wheel. Understanding the unique challenges and concerns that come with learning to drive at a young age, our certified instructors provide personalized, one-on-one instruction that respects each student’s learning pace and style. Our goal is not just to help teens pass their driving test but to ensure they become thoughtful, responsible, and safe drivers for life.

Our teen driving program is designed with modern teaching methods. Utilizing eco-friendly training vehicles, we offer a learning experience that is not only effective but also engaging and environmentally conscious. From mastering basic controls to navigating complex driving scenarios and understanding the importance of defensive driving, our comprehensive lessons cover all aspects necessary for safe driving. At 10 And 2 Driving Academy, we provide a supportive, encouraging environment where teens can learn at their own pace, ask questions freely, and develop the confidence needed to drive safely and independently. Embark on the journey to becoming a skilled driver with us, where each lesson is a step closer to a lifetime of safe driving.


How it Works

Order private lessons and book them online when you’re ready!

What We Offer

You can buy each lesson as you go, or pre-purchase drive time in bulk for a discounted rate.

What to Expect

Your driving time will be filled with behind the wheel instruction and helpful tips.  We’ll even pick you up! (within 7 miles of our location)


How to Schedule

Order your drive time online. One purchased, you can book easily online.

Please call for available dates and times.