We offer drivers education classes for new students to earn their drivers license in the State of Michigan.

We teach adult and teen drivers in Novi, Northville, Farmington Hills, Commerce, Wixom, South Lyon and surrounding areas.  (And our Segment 1 and Segment 2 Courses are conveniently held in the Novi Library!)

We also offer “On The Road” Driving Lessons for teens and adults!


Ready to earn your drivers license?  Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Take our Segment One Class.  

This is a 3 to 4 week course, where all classes take place in the evenings (conveniently located at the Novi Library) and your 6 hours of included drive times will be scheduled with your instructor to accommodate your schedules.

Once the Class Time and the Drive Time is completed, and you pass the test, your Segment One Certification is achieved, and you can move on to Segment Two.

Step 2: Take our Segment Two Class.  

This is a 3 day course, and much simpler than the segment one class.  There is no additional driving time required and the class schedule will take a total of 6 hours, over 3 evenings (as mandated by the state of Michigan).

Once completed with your Segment Two Class, and pass the Segment Two test, you’ll be ready for your Road Test.  (That’s the final step)

NOTE:  Before you can take the Segment Two Course, you must have completed at least 50 hours of behind the wheel time.  Yep – 50 full hours of driving time.  You can do that with any adult, licensed driver.  Or, you can hire our certified instructors (and use our safety car) to practice your driving skills.  (Learn more about our driving time packages here.)

Step 3: Take the Road Test.

We’ll help you find a Road Test time and location that fits your schedule.  (Purchased separately.)  Once you pass your road test, you’re ready to head to the Secretary of State with your certificate and get your Drivers License.

NOTE:  The first 12 months of a new teenage drivers license is a “limited” license, that imposes a few limitations on new teenage drivers for their safety.